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Randomly Famous


More than a Stock Photo: Elijah O’Donnell’s “Lighted Match”

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Randomly Found Photo - A fire, map, and letters!
Who would of thought, a fire, map, and letters tell a full story!

Photo by Elijah O’Donnell from Pexels

We often enjoy looking through photos on Pexels (and using them on our owns site). But every once in a while, a stock photo will catch you by surprise. Here’s one by Elijah O’Donnell that may deserve more attention.

Elijah O’Donnell

The texture and saturation of this photo are something I might put on my wall. It makes me want to run into a forest with my boys. Adventure and clarity are all around when you take a moment to step back.

Stay tuned as we attempt to connect with Elijah on his work in stock photography.

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